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Getting Rid of Acid Re-flux in a Week

Getting Rid of Acid Reflux in a Week is possible if you make some lifestyle changes. It’s possible to get off medications, and start a new life if you drastically change your diet. And, I mean drastically.

I taught a vegan cooking class and we were making a bunch of items including some fudgy cocoa mint cookies (click this link for the recipe). There was a guy in the class who was a chef and just fell in love with the cookies and came up for seconds afterwards.

Later when he took my healing diet class, he shared a testimonial of his experience in getting rid of acid reflux in a week after having had it for 5 years. He said that he saved himself $89 a month for the medications that he no longer needed to take.

How it feels to have acid reflux

This is how it feels to have acid reflux, also known as heartburn and gas coming up in the throat.

His doctor had told him there was no cure for acid reflux, but he got rid of it pretty fast. He used to have to sleep upright in a recliner and woke up with every little noise. After he switched his eating style, he was able to sleep flat and sound.

In our healing diet class, he said he was inspired by the cooking class and went and got a book Vegetarian for Dummies. He gave the idea a try and found out how it really worked.

No more digestive upset for Mitch. His life changed and he started a new contracting business with his friend now that he was enjoying better health. Other people I know have had similar results with the plant-based eating plan.

There are so many high-fiber, wholesome plant foods to choose from when getting rid of acid reflux

The healing diet is basically eliminating all animal products from your diet. This is the biggest step you can take for reversing disease conditions. It gives your immune system a chance to help you get well instead of having to deal with all of the foreign DNA, acid-mucus congestion, cholesterol, saturated fat, and pathogens.

Then, you just try to eat more wholesome plant foods of all kinds; grains, beans, vegetables, and fruits. See the other posts on this site for learning about how to incorporate these items. And, you can see a chart on this link about the new four food groups.