Rejuvelac The Mormon Grain Drink

Rejuvelac is a healthy drink made with grains. It has a high amount of B vitamins and probiotics. It can really rejuvenate you with energy and immunity from getting colds or flu and is nonalcoholic.

My husband and I were listening to a cassette tape by Jack West. Now, this was back in the days when CDs werent available. Jack Wests tape was called Living the Full Word of Wisdom. Jack told a story about how men who worked in a beer factory had an experience with Rejuvelac. Apparently, in the beer-making process, barley has to be soaked before it ferments into liquor.

During this first process, as the grain starts to ferment, the men could dip their mugs into the mix and have a swig. They found that from drinking this mild grain drink, their health improved and no one got flus or colds during the winter. Brewers yeast is a health supplement made from this first non-alcoholic process.

You can buy brewers yeast, which is dehydrated from the nutritional foam of the cultured barley in water. Nutritional yeast flakes are used by vegans in a lot of recipes to get a cheesy or chicken taste. Both of these types of yeast have all the B vitamins including B-12. These particular yeasts are very nutritional. But, you can not make bread from them. Thats a whole different type of yeast.

Jack goes on to say how he learned about the health benefits of Rejuvelac and explains how to make it. He tells about an interview he has with a Mormon bishop who is asking him if he keeps the Word of Wisdom. He gets into this big long discussion trying to clarify exactly what the bishop means to keep the Word of Wisdom Is it staying away from coffee, tea, alcohol and tobacco or also following the diet? Its pretty funny to listen to how the conversation was going.

In the Word of Wisdom, there is mention of a mild barley or grain drink being good for health. Ive never really understood or known exactly what that could be until I learned about Rejuvelac. Its interesting that the Word of Wisdom doesnt say anything about the need for yogurt.

Kal Sellers, who is a master herbalist, tells about the 300 different probiotics that are in a Rejuvelac drink made with wheat. I took his class one time and learned that Rejuvelac has greater probiotic benefit than yogurt, which usually only has one or two probiotics instead of the 300 that humans actually need.

Here is the Rejuvelac recipe. Ive seen various recipes for it. This is basically how you make it.

Rejuvelac The Mild Barley or Grain Drink

Grain and Water for Rejuvelac

The liquid Rejuvelac from soaked barley or other grain

  • 1/2 cup grain (barley, wheat, rye, etc. your choice. Try to avoid the GMO grains as they defeat the whole purpose since they contribute to your body killing off all good bacteria. Kamut or spelt would be the healthiest choices.
  • 3 cups pure water

Soak the grain in the water in a glass container for 6 hours. Drain off that liquid to get rid of the phytic acid that is on the outside of the grain. Its possible this first step may not be necessary. Then, soak the drained grain again in another 3 cups of water for 12-24 hours, just until you see some foamy bubbles at the top of the water. Pour this liquid off. You can drink it straight, although it can be a little nauseating. Or, you can mix it with some peppermint tea or juice. Its kind of a mild tasting drink that is really good for you. Dont soak it so long that it becomes like alcohol. If it tastes too strong, you didnt make it right.

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