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Lemon Garlic Drink to Fight Infection

I have used a lemon garlic drink to fight infection. There was a time years ago when I had an abscess in my mouth. It came from a tooth that was giving me troubles. I prayed about what I could do to get rid of it. The answer came to make a lemon garlic drink. I went in the kitchen and started making one. Within 12 hours, the infection had gone down by half.

This is an effective drink for any infection, virus, bacteria or cancer cells. It doesn’t taste good or bad, but you might like it better with a spoon of honey added.  The nice thing about this drink is that you are able to drink some liquefied garlic without having bad breath from it. The lemon oils in the rind help with deodorizing and freshening your breath while also being antiseptic.

Then, you can enjoy the benefits of garlic, which kills all germs. Garlic is the poor man’s antibiotic. The yellow part of the lemon rind is lately proven to be more effective than chemo in fighting cancer. It’s been recommended to put grated lemon rind/zest on whatever you eat at every meal. My original recipe for Infection-Fighting Lemon Garlic Drink was submitted to the Herbal Legacy website.

For this recipe, I am making a little revision by including the yellow part of the lemon peel too with its beneficial lemon oil. In that recipe I removed the yellow part of the lemon rind. The white part of the lemon rind has vitamin C complex and the juicy vitamin C rich center is beneficial for a drink. The stones are quite powerful too. So, I just use the whole lemon half. I know a senior lady who buys grapefruit seed extract liquid drops to help her get over bronchitis a lot quicker. Lemon stones are in the same citrus family so I figure they are beneficial too.

I have told other people about this and they have also found success. One lady found that it helped her with her bronchitis as well as some testimonials in the comments below. I give it to my kids if they are coming down with something and it appears to also be helpful against acne. Recently, there is research about the strong effects of the yellow part of the lemon rind to fight cancer. Apparently, the whole lemon can be frozen, then grated onto foods you eat as a great way to more effectively fight cancer than chemotherapy.

The nice thing about including the whole lemon peel is that it helps you to not have bad breath from the garlic. The yellow part of the rind has essential oils that fight germs, is a natural deodorant and mouthwash refreshener. This drink would also be very powerful in not only strengthening the immune system, but in fighting a virus also. But, I only now use half a lemon, because of the strong taste of the lemon oils.

All parts of the lemon are amazingly helpful; the vitamin C rich inside, the vitamin C complex white part of the rind, the lemon oils in the rind, and even the bitter antioxidant rich seeds. The garlic bud that is added is liquefied to become more effective. Garlic is known to kill all bacteria, fungus, parasites, and germs.  The good thing is that your good bacteria or probiotics are unaffected by garlic. This is a natural way that is better for your system than to continually take antibiotics, which kill off your good bacteria and lead to more infection in the long run.

The taste is fine for this drink. If you want to get well sooner, you will probably make yourself like it.  The lemon covers the garlic odor and taste. And the garlic helps to mellow the taste of lemon. You won’t have bad breath with this drink and can enjoy the benefits of the raw garlic. The lemon oil will counteract the odor on your breath, leaving a fresh taste and smell of lemons. When you want to get better, you will happily drink it.

Lemon Garlic Drink to Fight Infection by Janet Hailstone

1/2 lemon including seeds and rind, cut the half of the lemon into fourths

1 garlic bud, take off the paper by smashing the garlic with the flat blade of a chef’s knife, then paper is easily removed

1 cup water to blend

1 tbsp honey, optional (It’s not needed but it will taste better, I usually omit this but it does make the drink taste good)

Ice to fill 2 cup glass.

Insert all of the ingredients into a blender and blend well to liquefy for a minute or two. Blends to a very smooth drink. Pour into a 2 cup mug and fill the remaining amount with ice. Drink with a straw :)

One Lemon and Two garlic buds

If you are brave, you can use two garlic buds for more effectiveness. But, it will taste like garlic.