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Doing Leg Exercises as Part of Your Daily Routine

Are you too lame to exercise? I usually am. I’ve been thinking about exercising for a long time and hadn’t figured out how I would get myself to do a daily exercise routine. I can’t say I’m too busy, I just didn’t feel like it or know how if  I would actually fit it into my schedule.

Then, I realized that I could break it all up into little parts to make it easy. I figured an easy way to remember to do them was by adding an exercise to a daily event.

I think I can get some good exercises in my day now. It will only take a minute here and there and can become a habit that’s easy to remember.

This will strengthen the muscles, joints, and tone up the body.  Here are some simple ideas I came up with that are working out so far.

1.Every morning before getting out of bed, I do two leg lifts, I just lift my legs twice.  That’s easy enough for starters.

This exercise tightens the abdominal muscles and strengthens the back.

2. After I brush my teeth, I do one quick squat and then stand up. It can be a challenge lifting your own weight if you are a wimp. I took an emergency training class with the city once. We had to lift a simulated trauma victim. One person lifted under the person’s arms, the other person lifted the person’s legs. I could hardly do it and realize I needed to get stronger by just doing regular squat lifts, so I can at least lift myself. Getting some practice lifting my own weight has more incentive for me if I just do one squat exercise twice a day at first.3. When I am walking down the hall at the end of the day, I can do it in lunges. This is good for toning up the leg and hip muscles.

Many other exercise can be implemented into a regular day like running from the car to a building, doing a few jumping jacks before washing the dishes, or some stretches before going to bed.  You can increase the difficulty more with time.