Strong Bones for the Elderly

The best way for elderly people to have strong bones is to use them. The next way is with diet.  Even the elderly can develop strong bones just by exercising and beginning to use weight training exercises.  Studies have shown that weight-bearing exercises will reverse osteoporosis in the elderly. Use them or lose them is a phrase that applies to the bones.

Group of older mature people lifting weights in the gym

Seniors need to start small with weight lifting, then move up to the heavier weight with the help of a trainer.

If you are laying around in a hospital bed, then yes, you will start to lose bone mass. Being sedentary is one sure way to lose the calcium from your bones.

The other way to lose calcium from the bones is to eat highly acidic foods. All animal products are very acidic. Calcium has to be taken from the bones to neutralize the acidic effect in the blood. You would die if your blood was too acidic.

If you drink a lot of milk thinking that it will help you to have more calcium in your bones, you are setting yourself up for increased risk of osteoporosis. The countries that have statistics for being strong milk drinkers are also the same countries that have the most incidence of osteoporosis. And, conversely, the countries that tend to be more poor and agricultural will have the strongest bones, because they cant afford to have the high amount of animal products of the rich.

Its good to learn about eating more plant-based foods from well-established research organizations or from trusted medical doctors like Dr. McDougall . It is a proven fact that greens and beans are the top choices for health and strong bones.

Green Drink for Calcium

Get the Best Calcium from a Green Drink

Green drinks and smoothies made from dark green leafy plants are a great way to actually boost the strength of your bones. Not only do they contain a good amount of calcium, but they also have plenty of the other nutrients needed to absorb the calcium and have healthy bones. Add some fruit or fruit juice as you blend up a green drink to make it taste good.

Beans also contribute toward an abundant mineral intake and for longevity. Spend your latter years in life with vibrant and youthful health by eating the foods that will make the best nutritional contribution and by using your bones and muscles.


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