Homemade Coconut Milk

Coconuts are so good for you. Coconut water, coconut meat,  green coconuts, and brown coconuts are all beneficial.  The coconut meat or white part that is eaten is high in protein and has a substance that kills tapeworms and parasites.

You can get tapeworms from eating animal flesh that is not thoroughly cooked. Or, if you work with raw meat and dont wash your hands well, it can still be on your hands and transfer to your next food item. There are probably a lot of other ways to get them.

Nutiva Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil

This extra-virgin coconut oil smells and tastes like coconut. It has the highest heat tolerance of all the oils and is great for your skin and reverses wrinkles.

You can buy extra-virgin coconut oil that really smells like fresh coconuts and is so good for your skin. It helps to heal cuts, burns,  and abrasions and also helps to eliminate wrinkles.

(This information is in the Encyclopedia of Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds for Healthful Living by Joseph M. Kadans, PhD)

The coconut water that you can pour into a glass after opening the eye and nose holes has a lot of electrolytes. Elecrolytes are very important if you exercise a lot.

Green coconuts are beige on the outside, are like a round cylinder with a flat bottom and upside-down shaped cone on top.

This is what the young green coconuts look like. Cut and pry the top off and enjoy the yummy drink inside with a straw.

You can get them at the nutrition store. The meat inside is soft and easy to scrape out and so good for you. Green coconuts can be opened near the top of the cone with a sharp knife. Its kind of tricky. Be careful, its a bit hard.

Brown coconuts are what we are used to seeing in the grocery store. Look at the eyes and nose or bowling ball type marks on brown coconuts to find the place to try to pierce at to get the coconut water. You can use a hammer and nail.

In order to obtain the natural coconut water, you may need a hammer and nail to make an opening or two in the small dark circles of a brown coconut

I recently got a pretty fresh brown coconut. The nose part was still real soft. The meat inside tasted fresh. I drank the coconut water, which was about 1 1/2 cups. Then, I hit the coconut with a hammer on the front porch cement to crack it open.

I used a table knife to pry off a 3×3 piece, which I broke in three pieces and stuck it in the blender with 2 cups of RO water and blended it up for a good two to three minutes with a really strong Vitamix blender.

The resulting milk still had some small pieces of pulp, which settled to the bottom. The coconut milk was creamy and tasted good. It looked like regular cows milk, which I hate, but it didnt taste gross. I had some with granola.

This recipe is easy:

Homemade Coconut Milk

approximately a 3 x 3 piece of fresh coconut

2 cups water

Blend in a really strong blender 2-3 minutes or in a regular blender longer. You can pour the milk through cheese cloth and use the pulp for smoothies or muffins. The pulp fiber is helpful for eliminating toxins and excess fat from the body. I just let it settle at the bottom. Thats easier. Then, I add a little water and drink that part later.

Variations:  Add more pieces of coconut and the same 2 cups water to make a paste and then add more water to make a larger volume. Use a green coconut if you have a regular blender. That should work better.

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