Two Main Approaches to Health

Leave Us Alone, Take Care of Us All comic from Media Research CenterThere are two main approaches to health. One involves taking personal responsibility; changing your diet and exercising for starters.

Then, there is the approach of dependence; trusting completely in the medical profession, eating too many ready-made foods, and being a couch potato.



Taking Personal Responsibility

This approach is for people who dont like pain and disease, dont want organs removed, and dont have money for health insurance or doctor visits. This is a natural health path, where you make sure that you do whatever you can to stay healthy, thus eliminating any need to see a doctor or pay hundreds of dollars for a health plan.

What are the main objectives a person would need to follow to reverse disease and maintain a healthy body:

  1. Eliminate animal products in order to allow healing of the body to begin.
  2. Eat a diet that is high in natural, wholesome fiber and the fuel that your body requires for energy and awesome health; grains, beans, potatoes of all kinds, vegetables, and fruits.
  3. Save money and health by cooking your own meals.
  4. Aim for more organic foods; definitely avoiding the GMO non-foods.
  5. Exercise at least 30 minutes daily.
  6. Drink plain pure water.


Totally trust your doctor with any health problem and depend on him/her to make you well. Only follow his/her advice, be close-minded to any natural ways of regaining health. Or, depend on the government and the current system to take care of your every need, and dont do anything for yourself or ever exercise.

What will your life be like?

  1. Enjoy the current, cultural ways of eating with no thought of a cause-effect relationship.
  2. Never have any guilt regarding damage done to your body and important body parts that get removed.
  3. Lose all your money to costly surgeries, health insurance, medications, and medical treatments.
  4. If you live long enough, you can have every disease there is.
  5. Have fun sitting around all the time enjoying technological advances in entertainment and work.
  6. Enjoy drinking all the milk, liquor, caffeinated drinks, and soda pop you want.

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