There is a Cure for Diabetes

Hope for diabetes bannerYesterday, I had a facebook friend post this on her wall. She said that she had lots of family members who have dealt with this disease since childhood. And, she will never stop hoping for a cure for this disease. Knowing the cause is a basic first step.

There is hope, and I sent her this PSA (Public Service Announcement).  Block Diabetes video with John Salley 30 sec.  There are so many resources available for diabetes reversal with diet. I hope this is all helpful.

I used to be a walking guide many years ago at National Institute of Fitness. Dr. Sorenson had great success with helping people to lose weight and reverse just about every single major and minor disease with a plant-based diet and lots of exercise.

Here is an excerpt from the book Mega Health, written by Marc Sorenson, Ed.D regarding the guests reversal of diabetes:

We were surprised to find that many of our diabetic guests were cured of their diabetes in very short periods. In many cases, people who had been injecting more [than] 70 units of insulin per day became free of the needle in as little as four days. Others who did not decrease insulin dosages were experiencing low blood sugar.

I had read some material on diabetes written by Nathan Pritikin which addressed the association between diabetes and the high-fat diet. Nonetheless, I was amazed at the dramatic reduction in blood-sugar levels occurring on our low-fat nutrition program.  We began warning our diabetic guests to stay in contact with their physicians and to watch blood-sugar levels closely if they were taking either insulin injections or diabetic pills (hypoglycemic drugs). If this was not done, they were in danger of becoming severely hypoglycemic or going into insulin shock, since they no longer needed injected insulin or hypoglycemic drugs to process the carbohydrates they were consuming. (Page 88 of the Diabetics, Fat, and Fat Diabetics chapter)

groups hiking in Snow Canyon State Park of Ivins, Utah

The people who went to NIF spent most of the day exercising. They went on hikes in the beautiful Snow Canyon and , swam, did weight lifting, and worked out on various exercise equipment with the training from special coaches.

They were told to never go hungry and to eat all they could of the high-fiber, plant foods available. For breakfast, they had all they wanted of fresh fruits, cereals, non-dairy milks, bagels and whole grain muffins with sugar-free jam.

Lunch included a large salad bar with fat-free dressings and sandwiches with various bean and vegetable fillings, along with other tasty options. For supper, there were various vegetable, grain, and bean dishes, and vegetarian, dairy-free options for entrees as well as a few lean flesh items for those trying to adjust to the whole concept.

There were fridges at each dorm stocked with plenty of baked potatoes and apples in case anyone got hungry between meals.  People got well and lost weight with an abundance of healthy food and robust exercise.

There is definitely a cure for diabetes. You just have to ask yourself if you are willing to make that kind of effort. Just small changes each week will bring improvement.

Its not impossible. Even Dr. Robert Schulze has proved this and has had success with reversing the most irreversible cases using diet and herbal cleanses.

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