Keeping your Feet Warm for a Stronger Immune System

Being in the cold can really lower your resistance. Many people think that being colder is healthier. It helps you to be more alert, use calories within to stay warm, and breathe more clearly.cold duck feet in the snow

However, a recent study shows that having cold feet can lower the white blood cells of your immune system. In 2005, there was a study that proved people are almost 30% more likely to come down with a flu when their feet are cold for just 20 minutes during flu season.

At first, I didnt know if I believed that being cold could really make you sick. But, its just common sense.  My husband always makes sure our kids are all warm while they sleep and notices that they get sick easily if they are cold during the night.

I noticed for myself that I or my children tend to have bad dreams when its a cold night. It is obviously stressful to the body. I believe there is a connection. If you are working at a job that has a cold environment, you can start to feel chilled and sick. Its important to do what you can to stay warm.

The feet can be the hardest place on the body to keep warm. If you have a job where you are physically active, the circulation from moving around will help you to keep your feet warm. But, if you have a desk job and your feet are cold, you should take some precautions, or you could end up feeling sick and being less productive.

Here are some tips to keep your feet warm:

  1. Wear two pair socks or get some boots that have polyurethane foam. Often the cheapest boots are the warmest. For example, you can get some nice warm boots at Wal-Mart for $20.
  2. Try to move your feet as you sit to keep the circulation going. I think of the pioneers who came across the plains and how the ones who walked instead of sitting in the wagons didnt get frostbite during the winter.
  3. Listen to some happy music to keep your spirits up. Its been proven that your state of mind affects your level of immunity. If you have happy feelings, it will boost your immune system at least 100x.
  4. Visit a camping or sporting goods store to find out what is available for keeping the feet warm. I think there are some special socks that can be helpful.
    Sprinkling cayenne pepper in the socks really works for keeping your feet warm.
  5. Put cayenne pepper sprinkled inside your socks. Some people who have been to Alaska say this really works. Cayenne is very warming.
  6. When you get home, run on a treadmill for 15 minutes to get the circulation back into your feet and warm them up. Click on the link for a substantial discount on a treadmill.
  7.  Take some time to recuperate by getting really warm. Some people like to sweat out their sickness with hot soup, then lots of covers and a plenty of sleep.
  8. Use a small space heater at your work space if needed. But, remember to get enough water to drink also, so that you dont get dehydrated.
Well, these are all the ideas that I have on this subject. Im really interested in anything you might also know. Please make a comment and share your ideas. Id love to hear them!

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