Headache and Neckache Relief



Working on a computer a lot can contribute to neckache, which contributes to a headache. The stresses and challenges of everyday life can also bring on a lot of tension, which tends to be stored in the neck and shoulder areas. This post will offer some effective relief exercises that can be done to help you feel better.

Ive experienced this and finally went to a great chiropractor, Dr. Traveller, who I used to work with in St. George, Utah at  Zion Chiropractic. He gave me some specific exercises to do, which have really helped.

As long as I do the simple exercises (stretching my back shoulder blades, rotating, lifting, and pulling back with the shoulders) he showed me to do using a resistance band that hed made with surgical tubing  But, as soon as I forget or get lax, I experience pain again. Here is a little video of a couple of exercises that you can do with a resistance band to strengthen your neck.

I havent followed his advice on regular exercise yet, which I know will help. He said that stress tends to be stored in the shoulders and can ultimately affect the neck. It is necessary for a person to do some form of physical exercise regularly to assist the body in releasing pent-up emotions that get stored in the muscles. Simply walking every day for 20 minutes would be great if I could get myself to do it.

Make an excuse for yourself to get out; walking a dog or going with a friend as well as going to a destination of choice. Think of something that will give you incentive. Bring along an ipod and listen to music or park as far away as possible as you can from the store or restaurant.

Three yoga poses done by a women that are great for the back.

These three yoga poses are excellent for realigning and stretching your neck and back.

Yoga is a helpful form of exercise to help the referred pain in your head from your neck and back.  It will help your body to release the tension that has accumulated in your neck and shoulders.

To do the cat stretch yoga poses to the right. First, you need to do the top one and hold, then do the middle one and hold. You will repeat this 5-10 times and each time hold it for about half a minute, then slowly move to the opposite one, back and forth.

The top two can actually help to put your back in proper alignment. I remember to do these top two when I have a neck or back ache. I can often hear my vertebra clicking into place. Just for fun, if you make your computer mouse move the screen up and down a click, it looks like she is moving.

The childs pose yoga pose on the bottom picture is great for a good relaxing stretch and can bring nice relief from your headache and neckache. You just get into that position like the picture and hold the stretch for a few minutes.

You can also find relief in other ways which you can learn about in this Misalignment Headache Therapies link. And you may want to also refer to a quick herbal remedy.

Now, I need to do a lot more computer work. But, it bothers my neck and makes me feel sick if I do too much. Im sure it would bring relief if I would exercise more.

Buying a nice treadmill with TREADMILL COUPONS would be advantageous.Then, I could exercise anytime while talking on the phone or with my family or even while watching a show.

At least I know some quick easy yoga poses and can try to go for a walk more often to relieve stress that has built up from the day.


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