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Eight Health Benefits of Exercise

Some life insurance companies offer discounts to applicants who dont smoke and who are vegetarian. Research shows, however, that exercise also offers great benefits for long life (12% longer life) and disease prevention. Here are eight health benefits of a daily 30-minute moderate exercise exercise program that such as daily brisk walking, bicycling, swimming, dancing.


Nine Natural Secrets to Better Sleep

Many people drag through the day, make mistakes, and feel unhappy or lethargic when they dont get a good nights sleep. Sleeping properly is a really important aspect of life that you shouldn’t ignore or neglect.  It can make a big difference in helping you to feel terrific when you wake up.


Lentil-Barley Vegetable Soup in 5-Minutes

This is a healthy, tasty recipe for Lentil-Barley Vegetable Soup. It only took me and my husband 5 minutes to throw all the ingredients into a slow-cooker, then we went to bed and it was done in the morning. You can have it for any meal. It is filling and hot for this cool weather.


Busy and On the Road While Losing Weight and Loving it!

There was a couple who took my maximum weight loss class, both looked healthy and trim. However, the wife was trying to help her husband who still had a gut that hed always had.  Here is their story in  their own words about how he lost his gut and embraced this new lifestyle.


Losing Weight with Three Easy Food and Snack Choices

Losing weight is the goal of many people. And for all of those of you out there who want to get rid of the fat and not gain so much, I decided to write this post with some easy, fun ideas, and why they are also healthy, to add to your routine.

An Apple a Day Helps Keep the Fat Away

One of the big tricks in weight loss is getting filled up on foods that are high in fiber, no fat, and truly nourishing. Having an apple a day is one way to keep the fat away.


Starch and the Fat Deception

Many people preach the fat deception   that you need to avoid starch so that you dont get fat. Its becoming a common misconception that if you eat starch, you are going to get fat. Potatoes, corn, grains, and pasta are becoming public enemy #1 if you want to lose weight.


Healthy Grains for Bones, Muscles and Weight Loss

There is a lot of propaganda to turn people from the eating of grains to the eating of animals. Some of the arguments are that grains have toxins and cause weight gain. Grains are actually the better choice if you want to keep the calcium in your bones and lose weight.


How to Cook the Various Grains Its Easy

How many of you remember being given a bowl of hot oatmeal in the morning before going to school? And, have you ever tried a tasty grain salad? Eating grains is one of the best choices for bones, muscles  and for staying full longer.  There are  tasty, healthy ways to use grains for weight loss.


Family Time and the Family Beyond

My son comes home once a month or so. He is in the Army National Guard, and he has guard duty a certain weekend each month. He served in Iraq and has made it home safely in answer to our prayers. He knew he could have died, but he is a good soul.


Mango Mania No More Rationing

Weve been having fun getting a few mangoes here and there from our Bountiful Baskets orders. However, they taste so amazing, that everyone wants their share like its the best candy ever or something. Then, we have to ration them out. Everyone can either have a half of one or a whole one depending on.


Teenagers and the Skinny Diet

I had a dream that  teenagers were following my site and getting really skinny. And, my dreams are many times a clue to whats happening in real life. So, I felt like I should write a post especially for teens about diet. Now, this is the right place to come to if you are a teen.


The Bread Diet that Actually Works for Weight Loss

Who would ever think that you could actually lose weight eating more bread? Nowadays, many people are thinking that the healthiest diets avoid eating bread. Many people follow a gluten-free diet. While its true that you shouldn’t eat bread if you have a gluten sensitivity.

My Story of Getting a Flat Belly in a Few Months

This is my story of how I went from looking pregnant to having a flat belly in a few months. I didnt have to exercise, I just made one major change in my diet. There are some unhealthful fats that are in cheese, meats, and eggs that tend to get put into storage.


Tasty, Healthy Ways to Use Grains for Weight Loss

Grains are an awesome addition to your daily menu. Because of their mild taste, there are many uses for them.  Cooking grains are so easy and will make your life much healthier and your cooking more varied. Use healthy grains for your bones, muscles, and weight loss efforts.


Versatile Tuscan White Bean Soup

Im sharing this yummy soup recipe that I demonstrated for my Maximum Weight Loss class tonight. Its versatile because other grains, beans, and vegetables can be substituted or added for or to the white beans. I got the idea for this recipe from a cookbook called.

Two Main Approaches to Health

There are two main approaches to health. One involves taking personal responsibility; changing your diet and exercising for starters. Then, there is the approach.


Your Baby Steps Assignment for Weight Loss

Do you want to start losing weight this week? Well, hopefully, you now have the motivation you need to take a baby step or two towards maximum weight loss. Eventually, you will be so excited about the little successes you are having that overtime you will be running with awesome results.


Winter Produce, Inner Warmth, and Immune Power

I like to learn and implement good things from various healthy diets. One of these is the macrobiotic diet, where you eat according to season. It makes sense that the Oriental people should know what they are talking about, since they have been doing this diet for centuries and had success and experience.

Spring 2012 Classes by Janet Hailstone

For the spring semester, I will be doing three different sessions of classes. If you are interested, you will need to call Dixie State College Community Education 435-652-7675 or register online at Here is the current information about the classes Ill be teaching.

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