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Carrot Pulp for Colon Cleansing

Carrot pulp for colon cleansing is a very effective and economical solution if you feel like your colon is all clogged up and your waist is bulging, Carrot pulp, which is usually thrown away after juicing, is actually a very good source of fiber for a colon cleanse. Many people like to juice carrots with a juicer. Five carrots can turn out about 1 cup of carrot juice. But, then what happens to the pulp that is leftover?

Juicer with Carrot Juice and Pulp for cleansing

Carrots contain a great source of fiber that will help to carry the fat out and contribute towards your weight loss.  It’s even more concentrated after they have been juiced. You are basically left with mostly fiber in the pulp bin and nutritional juice for drinking into your cup.

Many people don’t like to waste the pulp and will add it to muffins or various bread recipes. I like to put some pulp in a ziploc sandwich baggie, get all the air out, zip it closed, and then store it in the freezer until I am ready to use it. I can store about one cup or more of carrot pulp in a baggie.

Fresh carrot pulp for cleansing

Carrot pulp needs to be stored away airtight in a freezer container before harmful chemical reactions take place for the air oxidizing it.

One time, I tried adding it to some soup that I had made. I might have added two cups worth to the soup.

My  husband really enjoyed the soup. He was pleasantly surprised to have what he termed the “best clean out” ever for his colon.

He’s tried various colon cleanses before and could really tell a difference with the carrot pulp. He now thinks it’s the most effective colon cleanse there is.

If you have a yummy soup recipe like the ones on these links – minestrone or spare-the-chicken, chicken little, chick-pea, try adding 1-2 cups of carrot pulp to them. If you don’t want your house to steamy from cooking over the stove, try making it in a slow cooker. You will save electricity.