Rice and Beans are the Perfect Meal for Digestive, Immune, and Heart Health

Rice and beans are the perfect meal if you are trying to lose weight, save money, enjoy better health and have energy. They taste great and really fill you up.

Humans are often compared to monkeys and apes as being very similar. However, there are many differences. People are a lot more intelligent (I guess that could be debatable considering the stupid things humans often do.) and dont have hair covering our bodies. Humans have digestive enzymes, saliva, and digestive juices to handle starch while the monkeys and apes dont. Is that the secret to greater intelligence? brain food.

Beans and Rice in a colorful dish.

Beans and rice taste so good. There are so many different ways to use them.

If you want to lose weight, then brown rice and your choice of beans will greatly assist you in this quest. You can be filled up on something that is lower in calories and has plenty of fiber. There is hardly any fat to be stored on your body. The combination of rice and beans has plenty of protein so that you dont lose your own muscle on a semi-starvation diet.

Dave Ramsey, Americas biggest financial expert says that if you want to get out of debt, one of the things you will have to do is eat beans and rice, and rice and beans. Its a very cheap and economical meal. While you save money, you can concentrate on using what you saved to get out of debt faster.

You will save dollars when you only spend cents per serving.

You will enjoy better health by avoiding high cholesterol, high fat, acidic protein, and various pathogens that exist in a carcass.  Your blood pressure can start to go down, your heart will have less saturated fat and cholesterol clogging it up, and your blood will not need calcium out of your bones to become alkaline again. You will also give your immune system a break from the foreign DNA and germs that are prevalent in animal products.

If you eat the way you were meant to eat, you will look and feel the way you were meant to look and feel.

You will be eating healthy wholesome carbs instead of the bad types. Healthy carbs are your bodys first need for fuel. You will be able to have a more energetic day or more endurance for your exercise routine since you gave your body what it really needs.

And, best of all you will get filled up when you are hungry. There are many people who can have food races and eat a lot of food. When you dont give your body the true fuel it needs, you can eat a lot more. But, if you have something like rice and beans, you will become satisfied a lot sooner and less apt to eat more.

Rice and beans are the perfect meal if you care about living a healthier life, saving money, and losing weight with energy. Add some tasty spices and vegetables, or throw them in soup. See the directions on these first two links to learn how to cook beans or brown rice.

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