Beans Help Prevent and Reverse Diabetes, Kidney Stones, and Heart Disease

chili beans for disease prevention and reversal

Chili Beans and Corn Bread

I did a past post on the nutritional benefits of beans, but there is still a lot more information to share on how good beans are for you.  I decided to also do a post on beans and the reversal of diabetes, kidney stones, and heart disease.  These three diseases are specifically targeted for reversal and prevention when following a more vegetarian/vegan diet. Eating more beans and less animal sources of protein will do a lot for helping you to prevent and reverse diabetes, kidney stones, and heart disease. There are a lot of studies, research, and mainstream information  to validate this claim.



Including about 1 cup or more of beans in your daily diet can decrease your risk of getting diabetes by 38%. If you follow a plant based diet, which includes beans, and exercise  daily, you can quickly slash your diabetes drastically or completely.

The dietary habits of over 64,000 women were assessed and correlated with the development of type-2 diabetes over about five years, and a high intake of all legumes was associated with a 38 per cent reduction in risk of developing the disease, report researchers in this months American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. (Stephen Daniells of Food Navigator)

Beans take longer to digest. Over the day, this is a boost for helping your blood sugar to normalize and to help you resist cravings for sugar. They are a much more nutritious source of protein for diabetics than fatty animal products. Beans have hardly any fat, and fat is a primary cause of diabetes.

Tasty Bean Salad

Kidney Stones

If youve had a kidney stone attack, you know how extremely painful it can be. Basically, its a mineral deposit conglomeration that has abrasive surfaces that your kidney releases for you to pee out.  Many women think it is more painful than having a baby. And, it sends men to a fetal position crying for mercy.

There is nothing the emergency room can do to stop it. However, they do try to help with the pain somewhat and analyze the kidney stones to determine the cause. Its usually too much calcium running through your kidneys from milk that can cause calcium stones, or it can also be the result of having had too many high-protein, acidic animal foods that can contribute to mineral depletion of the bones to neutralize the acidity. Then, those minerals filter through the kidneys and start building up.

For many people, the doctor may have them to go on a low protein diet and use beans for protein instead of animal flesh. For other people, the doctor may tell them to eliminate the dairy products. In that case, they can get their calcium from greens, beans, or whole food supplements.

Area of beginning kidney stone pain

Heart Disease

The main benefits of using beans for protein are their no-saturated fat, no-cholesterol, and high-fiber nutrition. Various studies show that they can also cut risks of myocardial infarction by 38%, heart disease by 22%,  reductions in total cholesterol TC and low-density-level-cholesterol LDL-C by 19-24%. And, you can easily lower your cholesterol drastically in a short amount of time by following a vegan diet.  The recommendation from many researchers is to replace animal products with beans. Its good to have 1 cup of beans daily.


Beans are truly a better source of protein, especially if you have diabetes, kidney stones, or heart disease. Without the high acidity and high cholesterol or saturated fat of animal products, you can allow your body to heal quickly. There are so many varieties of beans and so many WAYS TO PREPARE BEANS, you can easily switch to something that is cheaper, much more nutritious, and has plenty of fiber. Start healing today.

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