Including Variety in Your Workouts

Including Variety in Your Workouts

women using hand held weights for body building and variety in workoutsWhile a basic brisk walk for 30 minutes a day will do wonders for your health and help to prevent disease, but there are more reasons to exercise in other ways. Its important to include variety in your workouts in order to gain other benefits.

Body Building

By including some weight lifting in your week, you can have stronger muscles and joints. Your bones will become stronger no matter how old you are. More muscle growth on your body means less fat since those extra muscles need more calories. You have less chance for injury if something unusual happens in your life where you may have an extra load to carry. You will be more able and confident.


Its important to take some time to stretch your various muscles after you do a workout. This will help you to be more limber. If you never include any stretching during your week, your body can stiffen and tighten. Its good to be able to move around more freely and avoid the risk of pulling a tendon or muscle and having an injury. Yoga is a great way to stretch all parts of your body and has been proven to also benefit the health.


In some countries, people bike for transportation. They are able to save money and get places conveniently. Considering how the cost of gas has gone up and how expensive it is to buy and maintain a car, more people should be prepared to have an alternate way to travel as their budget gets tighter. Biking is great for using other parts of your legs in different ways, which will strengthen the abilities of your legs.


If you are serious about your health, make sure that you have a variety of ways that you workout. It will help you to have a more balanced approach for your muscles and overall body strengthening. You will also have less chance of becoming bored. Make sure that you make new choices in ways to exercise so that you can stay motivated and interested.  Walk, weight lift, bike, swim, stretch, run, and try various sports. By including other forms of exercise in your routine, you will be in better shape.

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